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The International Journal of Comparative Psychology publishes studies on the evolution and development of animal behavior, including humans. Articles based on experimental or descriptive research procedures, carried out in the laboratory, semi-natural, or natural settings, and involving mechanistic, developmental, functional-adaptive, or evolutionary theoretical approaches are welcome. Articles may include a single study or a series of related studies.

The International Journal of Comparative Psychology is indexed in these and other services: Google Scholar and PsycINFO.


Papers developing original theoretical models of behavior and brief reports not exceeding 4000 words (including references) will also be considered for publication. Articles reviewing the literature in a particular area of research will be occasionally accepted for consideration when the author has demonstrated significant contributions to the topic under review.

Some of the relevant areas include animal communication, animal learning and memory, behavior analysis, behavior genetics, behavioral ecology, comparative behavioral neuroscience, comparative cognition, comparative neurology and behavior, developmental psychobiology, evolutionary psychology, migratory behavior, models of animal behavior, motivation, neuroethology, sensory-perceptual processes, simple model systems, and social behavior.

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Special Calls

IJCP welcomes proposals for special issues. If you are interested in editing a special issue of IJCP, please contact Charles Abramson.